Practical Preppers-A Rational Approach To Prepping

Practical prepping

A practical approach to preparing for the worst

Practical preppers are people who look at prepping from a practical approach. They may view it differently than “Doomsday Preppers”. They take the time to Prepare and prep for likely situations. Trying to get yourself ready for an alien attack or zombie dinosaurs wouldn’t fall into the category of “practical”.

What makes a situation practical to prep for?

Depending on people’s level of paranoia might change what they would consider “practical prepping”. I try to look at it from a rational point of view. There are many things in life that a majority of people go through that would be a good idea to prepare for. Living in Florida it would be practical to learn about tropical storms. Living in Hawaii it would be wise to know about volcanoes or tsunamis.

In any given six month time span in America, people are having to deal with;

  • Tropical storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Mudslides
  • Earth quakes
  • Wild fires
  • Snow storms /Icy roads
  • Flooding

Environment has a huge impact on the types of emergencies and the severity of the outcome of those ordeals. Prepping for the environment you live in is vitally important.

Prepping for specific environmental conditions.

The steps you would take to deal with a power outage in Arizona summer verses Alaska winter would be completely different. You will need to figure out non-electrical ways of staying cool or staying hot. Maybe the answer is back up ways of creating electricity. Maybe a good book by the fire will suffice.

Elevation is also a game changer in an emergency situation. It is harder to start a fire, and boil water in Colorado mountains over a California beach. Hiking through a desert, the oxygen levels will be different from trying to trek over a mountain. Hiking five miles without a break at sea level will be totally different for the same person hiking through a mountain range, and the breaks will need to occur more often.

Frozen conditions will cause way more problems for survival from a 73 degree day of fishing at you favorite lake. Skin exposure becomes an issue as it changes the way an emergency is handled. That is the main reason a life guard dresses different from a fireman.

Survival gear will always have to be customized based on environmental conditions and exposure. It is important to know you environment, and any major changes that can occur to that environment that can quickly make matters worse. Maybe you are dealing with blown down trees after a storm, but a possible mudslide changes the way you view the cleanup process. One of the reasons I made this site is to try to better wrap our minds around all the aspects that need considering during a crisis.

In future posts I plan on breaking down, and looking more closely at, a lot of these issues individually.

Personal responsibility

IT goes against the grain of the current “what’s in it for me” mindset in society now, but your life is 100% your responsibility. A lot of the problems we have now stems from people looking to the government to fix our problems. And when the wrong person gets elected it feels like the problems will never get solved.

There is freedom in responsibility. I am personally responsible for having marketable skills. When a vote goes the wrong way I will still have a job tomorrow. I will always find a way with my skill set to make a living for my family.

When it comes to emergencies, that responsibility is also mine. It is up to me to make sure my family survives. With a little preparation we might also thrive. The scouts’ motto,”be prepared”, also speaks to personal responsibility. It means that no matter what may happen it is up to me to be prepared to go through it. It is up to me to weather the storm. No one else can do it for you. Blaming others will not help you survive.

What’s my responsibilities?

So if you do accept that practical prepping is you responsibility, then where do we go from here? There are several baby steps that can be taken to make sure you are at least in the right mindset for all of life’s woes. The first baby step is the only one being covered at this time. That step is accepting responsibility for yourself, and accepting that picking up a few new skills might be a good thing. I will try to cover as many Of them in these pages as possible. I always encourage people to do as much research on positive topics as possible.

Understanding no one will ever hit as hard as life, rolling with the punches is going to become one of your greatest skills. Your responsibility is knowing what life can throw at you based on where you live. Take a practical aprouch to obvious situations that can occur based on you geography.

Time to put some basic plans into place that are personal to you. This is the start of a journey, not only on becoming more prepared, but also in learning more about what you are made of. When people get involved with prepping they broaden theirs horizons, while also becoming aware of new limitations they might not have thought of before.


Prepping is you responsibility. Knowing the possibilities of what may come, and being prepared for them, is easier than you think. Time to take a hard look at the current hazards in you life and putting together a plan of action to reduce those dangers. This website is designed for the purpose of helping you to do that. New content will come all the time that will help with the execution of a plan of action. We will take a good look at what is involved in making and actively implementing a plan. We will discuss items that will make life easier for you in any emergency situation.                                                                                                                                                                    -D. W. Mann




8 thoughts on “Practical Preppers-A Rational Approach To Prepping

  1. This article has really made me aware that I am really not prepared for anything, and I really need to take more action.  Life can really change in  the blink of an eye, and you never know what life throws at you.  I have luckily never been in an emergency situation, so that’s probably why I have never prepped for one.  I definitely want to be prepared for any type of emergency, whether it is environmental or medical etc.  Thank you for opening my eyes, and I look forward to reading your other articles.

    1. I will have more content coming very soon trying to cover specific emergencies with details that would help someone deal with each one. Feel free to stop by often to see if any of our topics will help you in getting ready for life! Thanks.

  2. PREPARING – It is a very interesting topic. Given to the environmental conditions nowadays this turns out to be an . awesome topic. It has really taken an impact on the society. So being prepared can only bring good things to people. And this article has really looked into all the aspects of being prepared for all kinds of environmental situations we might expect. Thank you for this article.

    1. Thank you for the comment. The most important thing I want to accomplish with this site is at least get people thinking and talking about situations that may happen in our lives.

  3. I totally agree with you, prepping for anything that might happen is the best decision you can take, its always better to prevent than regret. I’m so thankful I was born and raised in a country where none of those environment disasters occurs. We don’t have volcanos or tsunamis (we don’t have a sea) tornadoes or anything related. The only thing we have is that after it rains the streets are really dangerous and some trees may fall during the storm. Whenever it rains is better to stay at home.

    1. The topics of flash floods or mudslides might be more important to you than tsunamis. I plan on having specific topics like these covered in the next few months. Thanks for the comment. 

  4. I think it will be wiser for anyone to be prepared and prep for any type of emergency situation I might face, it is difficult to predict in advance but obviously I need to get myself ready for any emergencies and it is my responsibility to protect myself by learning a few new skills, living in California I might deal one day with heart quakes, But how can anyone be really prepare?

    Thank you for sharing this important message.


    1. I believe prepping is as much about getting your mind wrapped around a situation as it is having the right gear. Being in California you might want to make sure the house you live in is made with materials to help it stay standing in case of an earth quake. If you are in a major city it would be wise to find somewhere out of the city that would be a safe option if the city was mostly destroyed by an earthquake. Keep coming back for new content being added all the time. 

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