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Making a prepper website is a hobby I wanted to pursue, but also has a lot of benefits for myself, as well as the readers. I wanted to cover a few of the reasons that this domain exists, and why it means so much to me. I know when people think about prepping, or preppers, they might think of people with tin foil hats. Being paranoid has nothing to do being prepared for all life can send your way!

Why make a prepper website?

People might think I may rant or rave about how the sky is falling and we all must be ready! They expect someone who would make a prepper website to stand in the town square yelling about how the end is neigh! the storm

The real truth is much simpler than that. I got into prepping after Katrina wiped out my wife’s childhood home of New Orleans. But when I really realized basic prepping should be for everyone is when we had a power outage for a week when it was 100 degrees out. I watched my neighborhood suffer in the heat and become scarier in the darkness of night.

You had the people who tried to make the best of it and hold block party BBQ s to keep their meat from going bad in refrigerators that didn’t work. Scarier still you had the people who expected others to look after them and fix the problem. I made this site in hopes of helping others if they ever have a time like that to deal with, but also get like-minded people talking about a subject and trading new ideas.

I think the most important tool in any situation is the right mindset. Having your mind in the right place, and able to accept the situation as it is, is invaluable. It is important to always have your head in the game.

Who should be reading about prepping?

I believe everyone should have some level of preparedness and survival skills. It doesn’t have to be a big scary thing. Don’t let the terms scare you off. Prepping is simply having the right tools to handle what life throws at you. Survival is staying alive no matter what. One simple survival skill might be learning to swim. Nothing scary or paranoid about that.

If something as simple as a flat tire would have you stranded on the side of the road and hopeless, then basic prepping skills might be something you want to look into. Prepping can be about the small stuff. Prepping isn’t just doomsday preppers waiting for the fabric of life to fall apart leaving us in a desert wasteland.

If you have no plan for an emergency or natural disaster, then I think it would be wise to have a talk about it here. Something as small as a power outage completely stopped my neighbors from enjoying their way of life and standard of living. With a little preparation it doesn’t have to be that way.

How can prepping save your life?

“The only difference between you and the victim is the attitude in which you enter the water” -Senior Chief Ben Randall – Kevin Costner’s character in “The Guardian” movie. He was talking to a group of rescue swimmers about their duties in helping others. When an emergency arrives, sometimes it is only a person’s attitude that separates them from the victims. Rescue swimmers jump into the same ocean that is sinking a boat, and swims its victims to safety.

Remember it isn’t how much water is outside the boat that sinks it, but the water that is allowed into it that is the problem. The ability to be the calm in the storm might make all the difference in the outcome of a horrible situation. Being prepared, or at least knowing what to expect can make a big difference in an emergency. Having a plan can keep you from a lot of unneeded suffering. One of the goals I have for this site is for people to learn some basic skills that can come in handy in everyday life as well as in an emergency.

This prepper website will be a great place to learn new things, and also be able to theory craft or role-play scenarios, that you may never have considered before. Plenty of people have watched the Walking Dead and sat around with friends talking about the what ifs. What if we can get people to do the same thing about a hurricane, earth quake, tornado?

Could knowing the dangers ahead of time save your life in an emergency? How many people are lost every year to a flooded street? Wouldn’t knowing more about how the water works and its dangers keep them safe rather than trying to pass through it? Being prepared for dangerous scenarios can actually make them less dangerous and lead people to be safer.

The peace of mind that comes with prepping!

Being prepared is literally a game changer. Prepping takes being prepared to a whole new level. The first time you have a flat tire might be a scary thing. Several flat tires it is more of a nuisance than an actual emergency. I believe peace of mind comes from knowledge and experience. The knowledge of having a plan and knowing what to expect can be a huge comfort.prepping for the storm

A car crash is a horrible and scary thing, and yet the ambulance driver is calm and collected when they arrive on the scene. The reason being is he is prepared and has prepped for the scenario at hand. They have both knowledge and experience. I plan on having a prepper website that can help offer knowledge and also encourage others to get the experience in areas of their life that they might not already have it in. Even if they never have an emergency in life, I believe it will make their lives fuller.


I wrote this piece in an effort to help explain the purpose of the website. The “why” of it is to try to connect with, and help others. I believe everyone would do better in life being more aware and ready for anything that life might throw at them. Having the right knowledge could save your life one day. Until then it should at least bring you peace of mind having a plan in place, and knowledge of how to deal with different emergencies that can come up in life.    -D. W. Mann





2 thoughts on “Prepper Website – Taking the paranoia out of prepping!

  1. Hi,
    You are so totally right and it is so true preparation is a necessity whether it be a short journey in a country road for example. We all need to prepare. Especially more so now for unstable weather conditions. In some countries and the hazardous tornados.

    People do not tend to think in advance and I suppose we all think it can’t happen to us, but it can happen and does happen. Preparation is so needed and your website has tons of key information to help us all out.
    Thank you for the Article and looking forward to so much more from

    Thank you.
    Deborah 🙂

    1. Thank you. Please make sure you come back often for new content. Many more posts to come.

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