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Be prepared! That’s what they taught me as a child in Boy Scouts. Every activity planned ahead of time, including lists of items needed. We did several activities from backpacking, rock climbing, White water rafting, repelling, camping, swimming, shooting, and play. It was always our Scoutmasters who taught us how to prepare for what lies ahead. As I got older I realized that as much as we needed certain equipment, what we needed more was the right mindset!

When we spent a week hiking through the Rocky Mountains, with rain falling for much of the day, What got us through it the most was our attitudes. Having the right mindset is what kept it fun when it was cold and wet. Part of having the right mindset was losing the notion of what we were owed. We weren’t owed clear skies and a cool breeze. We were there to hike a mountain in all of its glory, and that would include rain!

So prepping to me is getting the items and lists together, but more importantly, it is getting our mindset right. Having our head in the game. Having the understanding that it is our responsibility to be ready for what life might have in store for us. We aren’t always promised clear skies, but the right mindset and attitude could make all the difference.



I will never forget sitting on the couch with my wife’s head in my lap. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes from watching the news of what Katrina had done to her home town of New Orleans. She laid there helpless in our home a few states away, watching the chaos unfold. At the time we tried to pull together items with the church, and others, to send in the form of aid. We did the best we could at the time but neither of us felt that it was nearly enough.

It was a horrible situation that was made worse by the fact that so many people were so underprepared to handle that much devastation. When you are told that every storm from the time you are born is going to be the big one, and then it isn’t, you go into the situation with the wrong mindset. “Hurricane parties” always made light of, and a joke out of, the situation.

The whole situation was made worse by the fact that the government was not giving the correct aid. In a lot of ways, government involvement made it worse for many people. Stuck for days sweating to death with thousands of people in a place that is understaffed, and undersupplied. It was that day that we promised ourselves that we would never put ourselves in a position to need the government’s help to survive. It was one thing to already believe that, and another entirely to have it play out in real life in front of us!


I want to build a site that allows for people to learn and share ideas about what to do when things go bad. Some stories here will help people fully understand the gravity of the situation they may face in the future. Some stories may just be what if’s, and strange ideas. Either way, I hope most of all that this site might make people think, and be able to have fun with it, without all the paranoia pushed by so many prepper sights. There is no reason to wait for SH*T to hit the Fan (SHTF), because even the best prepping can not stop it from happening.

All the best,

D. W. Mann


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  1. Very interesting site. Some super good information. I have book marked it and will share the link on my FB page.

    1. I am happy that you like it. I am always working on new content, so stop by from time to time to see what’s new! Thanks.

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